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theBasics Technologies Provides VOIP (Voice over IP) that enables you to talk with your friend and Family any were in the world. We provide cheapest International calls to voip Customer and voip reseller. We are the best voip routes provider with best quality wholesale minutes for VOIP by which you can express more to others. We provide you the best voice quality at very low cost and also provide you web interface and Desktop Application for calling.

The world is not the same anymore with the emergence of VoIP. More and more SMBs and corporate houses are depending on their VoIP providers to reduce their monthly communication expenditures to a significant extent. The VoIP service providers are assisting them to reduce the monthly telephony costs. In addition, the VoIP providers are also helping them to enter the highly competitive domain of IP telephony.

In our role as VoIP providers, we deliver:

High call quality

Lowest turnaround times in the processing the requests

Comprehensive technical support

Competitive Rates

Our role in the VoIP domain is spelled out. As a VoIP service provider, we ensure that our corporate customers are able to make the most of the innovative solutions and services to expand the scope and nature of their businesses.

We provide the best VoIP Termination to worldwide.

We deals in VOIP Retail and also in VoIP wholesale. We provide best quality Wholesale minutes Voice Termination .We provide High quality termination, Premium routes , VOIP routes, Voice routes, Call termination, Premium termination.

theBasics Technologies is one of the best voip providers, we provide Wholesale minutes, wholesale Routes, Wholesale Termination, High Quality VoIP Termination, Premium VoIP Termination, voip wholesale service, voice over ip, call termination for long distance.

As VoIP providers of repute, we ensure that the business efficiencies of our corporate clients are among the best in the industry. We also ensure that the margins for the resellers are among the best in this sector.

VOIP Services keeping in mind the ever-changing requirements of businesses, we strive hard to deliver improved quality VoIP services. By providing high quality and cost effective services, theBasics Technologies has carved a niche in the telecom industry. Our zealous efforts to render a full-circle service, ensuring high quality, give us a leading edge over other VoIP Providers worldwide. The goodwill and trust we have developed over the years is precious to us. You have the assurance of getting top-notch expertise in Internet Telephony Solutions from theBasics Technologies. Join hands with theBasics Technologies and benefit from the very best in telecom solutions.

VoIP Solution to satiate the never ending requirements of the businesses, we offer you various solutions for enhancing your business strategies. At theBasics Technologies, you can find a wide array of profitable VoIP solutions, which would offer you the ultimate quality of VoIP call termination at very economical rates including callback platform, SMS delivery solutions, and PC to phone calls platform. You would surely love to explore the new incorporation of internet telephony service with the contemporary online service. We have solutions for all your telephony requirements. You would enjoy the liberty of reliable, stable and secured services at very reasonable prices. By integrating high quality telephony services with the online world at very cost effective rates, this factor would definitely provide you the necessary zeal to expand your business and plunge into profitable business ventures without any slight tinge of tension.

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